Does ist make any sense to sell your problem in the Internet ?? absolutly YES You may ask now why ?? And to whom should I sell it ?? The answer is:  for two good reasons.... First it`s just fun and we have a nice surprise for YOU... after receiving your 1$ donation..... Second... there is a serious background in selling a problem. Instead of carrying it around and around with you for days and weeks you just let it GO by selling it... Most of the people just latch onto their problems by having negativ thoughts like “I wont solve this problem” “I am not able to find a solution” and so on and on... everybody can find enough samples for negativ thinking... By the act of selling your problem  to the Universe you do something very important for your Unconscious.... You just let your problem loose.... You gave up latching onto it.... Because in our modern and material world selling means giving something up and away... Its a symbolic act that can  solve your problems in minutes just by releasing them have a try there is nothing much to loose... just your problems  
Get rid of your problems just sell them to the Universe.... donate 1$only After completing your donation PayPal will redirect you to our special Appreciation Site